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Lumb boundaries, pls read before following me Show more

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I refuse to apologize. In fact, you're welcome.

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Just making spooky ghost noises to try and attract a mate.

@eject *opens box*
a manual? get that shit outta here

now how in the world am i supposed to put this contraption together

your childlike sense of wonder died the first time you flushed it without looking

if i were poor, i'd put bees in mailboxes cause I'm pretty mad about being poor

at least, i assume that's why i do that

just walked into a store and a little boy just stared at me and started bawling his eyes out. it's so weird being recognized by strangers in my street clothes

Gonna start calling power moves, lumb moves.

sharing kofi link (sorry) (boosts would be cool tho) Show more

Tomorrow im gonna buy that fucking lamp for my nightstand, its gonna improve my life so much even if its not the kind i originally wanted

@Lumb this is true!!! beans make wonderful bracelets that you can munch on while on the go!

While you were off chasing cuties and having fun, I was working on my doctorate in Blade Studies.

look at this thing. This is an ancestor of all whales and dolphins. it has HOOVES for crying out loud

Getting arrested for illegally parking my shitpost on your timeline.

might fuck around and think about beans for the next 3 years straight

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The Lamp Institute

The Lamp Institute is an educational institution for those who have felt the drawn of its warm, soft light. The lamp is good. All hail the Lamp.

"I'm gay!"