If I had a ladder I would be the tallest person and I would be literally unstoppable.

People would try and stop me but I would simply jump over them with the help of my ladder.

@Lumb If you had a ladder on one of your feet, and then a hole on the other one, you could always have the choice of being taller or shorter than any given person, or even match their size and have a cool lean

I would always be taller and my cool lean would be leaning on people shorter than me which is everyone and I would tease them all relentlessly for being shorter than me and I’m not even that tall lol

I dunno about that but you’re right I could make a ladder and then use it to take over the world. Why has no one thought about this before brb

@Lumb when you make a ladder and inevitably rule over all of us with an iron fist and/or ladder, would you let me replace each of my legs with their own relatively smaller ladders?

Absolutely not. The people shouldn’t have ladders, it’s far too dangerous to my regime so of course all illicit ladders will be confiscated/amputated.

@Lumb y'all time to cancel Lynn for being lader 👏 phobic 👏 and for reinventing capitalism but with ladders and also only for themselves

@Ophillous @Lumb this "lynn" person sounds like a real shitter!
signed, Lynne


@lynnesbian @Ophillous
Srsly I hate Lynn so fucking much. I’m glad you’re here Lynne to balance out the L named people.

@Lumb @Ophillous yeah, there's quite a few people who have names starting with L who bring us all down. quiiiite a few.

@lynnesbian @Ophillous
Wow idk why you are directly attacking lady gaga like this but I Will Not Stand for it.

@Lumb @lynnesbian

Broke: using the person who you're talking to's name when talking to them

Woke: accidentally calling them by another prolific mastodonian whom they interact with who shares the first letter with them

Bespoke: cancelling anyone whose name starts with L

@Ophillous @lynnesbian
Yeah I thought you meant Lumb there. Don’t worry this happens all the time. Lynne and I are basically the same person 🤷‍♀️

@Lumb @lynnesbian Iady Gaga is honestly a visionary, a pioneer, an amazing activist and a wonderfuI person, and she did rock the meat dress as weII as anyone eIse couId... but it's stiII a meat dress

@Ophillous @lynnesbian
Idgaf, it looked tasty to me. 14/10 I would eat lady gaga

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