Smokey the Bear says, "You can stop the wildfire in my pants baby."

Screw Smokey the Bear, go out and start a fire in ur neighborhood today!

I asked a californian if this was okay before I posted it so you can't cancel me, I have immunity.


can i do a quick bluff check on ur californian immunity buff?

Sure thing!
*dice roll*

Aw bummer you got a six, it seems like I’m probably telling the truth. You’ve got no reason to doubt me anyway as I am a well known font of virtue. 💖


time to figure out how to make a dice bot and cartographer bots that can keep track of rolls and map location to do campaigns in mastodon by @ing the bots

@Lumb I used to be anti-forest fires, but then I saw this super hot dragon lady, so hm.

Well that’s the beaty of fires Grace! They don’t have to be in the forest, they can be anywhere you are, even indoors!

Legal disclaimer: Do not set a fire indoors without adult supervision and proper safety equipment.

@Lumb Finally, we can set the fire free. It'll be much happier that way.

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