Ya know what fuck it, all kin are valid. Yes even markiplier. Doesn't mean I don't hate him for being a youtuber, but dude is valid.

Don't tell people their identity isn't valid, that's shitty.

@Lumb idk i mean I’m a kinnie too but i wouldn’t go so far as to saying that you are the same as another real living person is valid

Yeah I wouldn't normally either. I'm very angry and a little drunk and a lot hurting and just. So angry. and tired. I might say a lot of ridiculous stuff in the coming hours. Please forgive.

@Lumb Whoa hold up is Markiplier actually kin or am I missing a joke??

Naw. There’s somebody on this site who’s kin with markiplier.

@Lumb Ah gotcha! We don’t have issues with factkin either but so many people do;; we get the logic behind the discomfort moreso with IDing as currently living irl people than otherkin etc. but still, valid kin can’t... help...?? their feelings??? If they’re not hurting anyone by destructively impersonating to screw with someone’s rep and just have undroppable kinfeels we think everyone needs to Chill

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