I wanna point out how many non-kin referred to me as a dragon, called me a good dragon, respected my identity as a dragon, up till the point the word kin came up.

Maybe y’all need to re-evaluate your biases cuz I mean, I felt welcome and accepted right up to the point I put a label on it that you didn’t like. :(

Them: Ur a neat dragon lumb.

Me: I’m so glad you respect my identity as kin.

Them: wait as what? No. That’s not valid.

Me: .....

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kin stuff Show more

@Lumb It's so weird thinking back now. When I first learned about kin stuff I was somewhat "Huh, that's weird/interesting". And the people most opposed to it where "rationals", like Dawkin fandboys, militant atheists, MRAs... the kind of people who got off to "winning" a "debate". And to be frank back than I didn't quiete understand why they gave me a bad gut feeling.

@Lumb but also as someone who has heard about kin like 10 years ago for the first time, it kinda strikes me as weird that people are still that uncomfortable with it. Like why will someone still die on that hill?

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