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Don't unfollow me cowards, actually soft block me, come on jfc. You think I wanna see ur kin hate when you don't wanna see my kin talk? Seriously.

please dont put kpop hate on my feed im a very decent stan dont attack me like this

i love ALL my friends except the ones who think that being uncomfortable with my identity is just, like, okay lol

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throwing this with a perfect spiral so it hits the wall and makes a huge mess

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Okay but Mastodon doesn't get enough love for having no ads. I stan

would like to reiterate that all ball sports are deeply offensive to the orb

Boost if you’re excited for whatever @nuttgodd is going to reveal tomorrow

*Throws out toots like I’m the paper boy delivering the morning paper but I’m chucking the newspaper directly at your head*

If ur "just uncomfortable with kin" and can't see the blazing clear parallel with straights being "just uncomfortable with gay people" idk what to tell ya buddy.

Love that the only person with any authority to try and talk to me was the minor, and only to tell me how she's "just uncomfortable with kin" and the rest of em have mostly blocked me.

Real good communication skills, those will net you lots of good times I'm sure. ^_^

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The Lamp Institute

The Lamp Institute is an educational institution for those who have felt the drawn of its warm, soft light. The lamp is good. All hail the Lamp.

"I'm gay!"