tfw you find a huge amount of repos of userchrome js files that work on firefox quantum but they're all in german :blob_dizzy_face:

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that feeling when you reach into your bag and feel soo dead on my phone autocorrects his name to Kyle Ren is like 2013 when everyone was planking

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sorry to trouble y’all. Still taking care of my parents, and between that and being disabled by mental illness, I can’t work a job outside the house atm. It’s just kind of stressful. I know other people need help more than I do (being white and having a home) so please don’t feel pressured or guilty, I’m just putting this out there. LMK if this is bothersome. If you think someone else could use the help more, by all means do so.


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you can set native low resolutions for 2d project and the engine scales it with the window automatically and adds black bars and everything!

I squealed when I found godot's resolution settings

I don't know shit about final fantasy but the music (especially in 4 and 7) is fantastic

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asking for help with rent (hopefully last time?), boosts appreciated Show more

I have a question for sonic trivia buffs and historians: what zone is this

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he's never said anything transphobic while i've been in earshot, but judging by what he calls the chinese-run restaurant and the way he made a point of bringing up their skin colour while negatively discussing a person just now, he probably uses all kinds of slurs for me too.

people are almost never bigoted on only one axis. if you were to punch a racist you'd almost certainly be punching a homophobe and a transphobe and a misogynist at the same time, so that's value for money isn't it

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selfies ec pls boost/compliment Show more

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hmm how about I don't click on the YouTube suggestion for a song from the "Bass Boost Everything" channel
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:possum_rawr: helo welcome 2 the snout store how can I help u
:ferret2: this snout I bought is too big, it's practically a snoot
:possum_rawr: that's terrible!! Unfortunately we're all out of smaller snouts, we'll have 2 order one in 4 u
:ferret2: but what about that snout you're wearing
:possum_rawr: this is a display model, it is not 4 sale
:ferret2: well okay I want to speak to your manager
:possum_rawr: okay one second
:possum: helo

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c# coding Show more

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……………… now i want 20 arms

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