"if Mario didn't exist it would be necessary to Mario Maker him."

~ Voltaire, an insufferable gamer.

my cat didnt run and hide under my bed when my friend came over i think my forced cuddles and treats when strangers come over strategy is working!

seeing old friends is good and makes me feel warm and fuzzy

is it just americans that love snake oil bullshit or do people in other places fall for it too

gonna be thinking about magic vibration stickers all day now thanks karen

@dankwraith @Pixley @brogepi how many emails can I send them that say “I covered my ass in stickers but I still have diarrhea!” before they block me.

marxism was invented when karl marx was lazy one morning and didnt want to go to his job so he wrote a 3000 page book about it

Good morning, I regret to inform you I have been looking at the magic vibration stickers again, and have discovered that one of them is "programmed with frequencies from the hemp plant" so you can "chill the eff out without smelling like kush"

a car is a machine designed to give me a migraine from up to 1 mile away

Perth station, the platform for trains to Inverness. Beautiful ironwork but could use some paint.
#Scotland #photography #mastoart

my phone has been emergency vibrating for like two days straight and im starting to get annoyed

a wild thing about the history of philosophy is that “everything consists of water” is a much better position than literally anything that came after it

tonight.... at approx. 7pm central standard time... i will be attempting to break the world record in Garfield (Prototype, Atari 2600, 1983). the current record is 9,657,986,862,619,000 points (i'm not kidding). follow me at twitch.tv/nickyflowers

i have the same reaction to the tetris theme that i imagine 19 year olds have to shitty EDM

i honestly dont know why @prophet_goddess doesnt have a million followers so uhh i guess

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