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kinda random but i love helping people with math/programming, i studied math up to abstract algebra and i've been a professional programmer 10 years, if you're having homework problems hit me up and i'll try to help

where are my Reply Gals to tell me they're way into balding 6'1" dorks

a wild reply guy appears!
reply guy uses Self-Appeasing Validation!
it's not very effective...

The existence of the character identified as the witch of Endor strongly suggests that the bible is set in the Star Wars universe

ok i gotta hand it to you youtube algorithm, prefab sprout to stone roses is a pretty good transition

"i deserve to be kicked so badly" is a very relatable prefab sprout lyric

@dankwraith I can scan your corpse and put it on

listening to nina simone to both take the edge off and put the edge back on

@colleen yeeep, love too use tools like gdb, gpgv, idn2, su, sv, pv, ps, ls, ln, ld, ldd, lsblk, chgrp, chcpu, mkfs, fsck, nm, nc, wc, bc, dc, dd, df, du, nohup, dpkg, xz, xxd, scp...

there may be pragmatic reasons for abbreviating them, but that doesn't make them approachable, and the only path to their memorability is by repetition, which isn't great :<

the other thing i hate about linux is how all the programs are called un-pronouncable or unmemorable names like vstcd or mbtrb or vmpk or whatever


I got two chinchillas and a big calzone

I learned about the height of the tides, the moon and the sun. That was satisfying.

— Cilob Anamcatten, Miner

Nobody's as helpful as Evelyn (cat ec)

its convenient having an electric piano but it doesnt detune in that really cool way

if you explained health insurance to someone in a different world, they would think you were a con artist

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