"snowflake generation" shut the fuck up i work harder for less money than any of you spoiled fuckers did at my age


every baby boomer who paid their way through college with a part time gas station job partied until their 30s before selling out and taking a job at their dads firm and bought a house for a thousand dollars cries about how spoiled we are because we dont want to tolerate their casual sexist horseshit

@dankwraith my dad's dad paid for his college and grad school which was traumatic because it "wasn't the degree he wanted" so he decided I needed to be independent and pay my own way, which meant his profoundly disabled daughter with no high school diploma had to couch surf wherever would have her, which is "nowhere which is not very violent."

thanks, dad, I sure am independent now!!!!

@dankwraith I haven't had a full week of full night's sleeps since I was 9. My eyes have been purple for the last 12 years.

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