my cat is finally playing with the toys i got her instead of random bits of paper and shoelaces

@confusedmagpie @bewitchyourmind honestly if she wants to keep playing with crumpled up receipts thats fine, i have those for days

@confusedmagpie @dankwraith @bewitchyourmind please do not subtoot me this way. also im a possum get it right or pay the price!!

@confusedmagpie @dankwraith @bewitchyourmind gosh i melted over this post somehow? like tears welling up, i was writing something, trashed it to write this emotional reply πŸ˜‚ estrogen is such a wild trip and it has opened both my eyes and tear ducts

@confusedmagpie @dankwraith @bewitchyourmind Oscar i know you would never subtoot me, sincerely, i do, you are the kind of soul who attempts to ease aches instead of exacerbate them and that's something i always try to keep front and center, even if i mess up on occasion. thank you for being so cool and also validating me and giving me this opportunity to possibly do the same for you in turn. have a blessed day, in whatever sense the phrase means to you sincerely. πŸ’š x πŸ’―

@brushy @dankwraith @bewitchyourmind ahh now it's my turn to melt, thank you so much :blobheartcat:

Gosh, you're so sweet, I hope you have a wonderful day too πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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