oh chrome is killing ublock, good, this is a very good sign


microsoft is bad lets all use google stuff!

*google eventually does all the same monopolistic monoculture shit that microsoft did*

hmm i wonder if there is a lesson to be learned here

@dankwraith One big difference is that Google products are, data collection aside, actually pretty good.

@dankwraith You must have forgotten the 90s (or you're too young to remember).

@mansr no i remember and i think everyone has developed stockholm syndrome wrt google products

@dankwraith Lycos search, Yahoo mail, and Mapquest maps were great. Sure...

@mansr @dankwraith
Android interrupts you with its data collection stuff. It asks for fotos and reviews of places you go to. That's not "good", thats like crappy popups.

And other Google stuff? OneDrive and Office online is just as usable as the Google equivalents. *shrug*

GooglePlus was so good that it got cancelled.

No, Google products are okay. They are just showed into your face by Google so they are easy to find and therefore use.

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