folks, i talk about trains a lot on this account, but i think i dont give enough credit to the other beautiful human movement machine - thats right i am talkin about BICYCLES


bicycles are unparalleled in their ability to transport humans efficiently over short or even medium distances in a city. all the advantages of cars and more, with the important caveats of course that they are unusable by the non able bodied and they cant really haul loads. and many of the disadvantages of bicycles melt away when not forced to share road space with the accurséd car. there are already real world examples of primarily bike oriented commuter systems, in for example Denmark

@dankwraith recumbent bikes and trikes work for many people who couldn't use a traditional bike. and, cargo bikes are real, they are strong, and they are MY FRIENDS.

@t54r4n1 @dankwraith trikes fuckin rule because they've usually got big ol baskets on the back too, at least most of the ones i've seen, which makes them dope for errands and the like in addition to the fact that they rule if your balance is bad or w/e else!

... i have a trike and bad balance and it rules

@dankwraith in the netherlands there's A LOT of bikes. same with denmark as you said. but those places are also very flat, so it suits well. the more mountainous an area is the less useful bicycles tend to become.

@leora @dankwraith low powered motor cycles are pretty cool in those areas, even a little 25cc single strapped to a normal bike does wonders, and electrics are getting lighter by the day.

@IrisKalmia @dankwraith yeah ! electric motorbikes/mopeds/vespas/idk-what-the-english-word-is are getting more and more common here where i live, and they are very convenient vehicles i think.

@leora @IrisKalmia yeah and motor assistance on traditional pedal powered bikes is a very cool thing

@dankwraith @leora I've reallly wanted one, but I'm a fan of two-wheeled motorized transit a loot

@dankwraith I'm overall very positive about Bike Commuting and work at a friggin bike community center, but bikes have the next lowest people per square foot space efficiency after cars, and we need mass transit real bad too ♥️🚲

@dankwraith my knee jerk negativity about bikevangelism arises because bikes are a money and privilege thing around me, bike commuting is overwhelmingly a fun fitness option for the well off middle manager,,,, :/ trying to change that specifically, but it makes me suspicious and weird.

@nerdsorrow yeah it needs to be a systemic change, not just a cute thing a few privileged people can do

@dankwraith I mean, bright side, the money people (and desire to bring those money people to the various business districts) funds bike paths and road infrastructure...

@dankwraith we had to have a whole Fucking Thing about how a chiropractic assessment group wanted to come to our place and do back and neck pain surveys for our (lower income less white) members, and whether or not chiro is health care and whether or not chiro is bougie on top of is this group above board or not... Where is the line between access to needed resources vs doing pretend shit for percieved class status

(It's a mess)

@nerdsorrow @dankwraith It doesn't _have_ to be that way.
Here (Copenhagen), it's very normal for Normal People to cycle-commute daily, in all weather, including bundling kids into addon seats or cargo bikes for school dropoff.
However, this is made possible by publicly funded infrastructure (curb-separated bike lanes; inclusion in traffic signal design) and culture (ubiquitous bike parking) that make it feasible to have a bike instead of a car, not just in addition.

@nerdsorrow @dankwraith And of course decent public transit as a backup/alternative.

@Tak @dankwraith how cold does it get there? It's -10 here (what's that in C??) And the snow plows like to clear the road by blocking the bike lane, and not plow the sidewalk at all.

(A large part of why I'm going to all these corporate networking meetings is to twist the city and state politicians to make better infrastructure...)

@nerdsorrow @dankwraith It tends not to get too much below freezing here - today it's ~-5C (23F) and snowing, with a few cm of accumulation.
There are actually small, dedicated plows for the bike paths, and it seems to be a priority to keep them clear - I think it helps that, where there's on-street parking, the cars are parked between the street and the bike path.

@dankwraith Weather is also, unfortunately an issue, depending on where you live.

@pillowcat yea thats why mass transit structure is still important

@dankwraith I used to love cycling! I actually own three bicycles (a hybrid 'city bike'; a hybrid cyclocross bike; and a carbon fiber racing bike), but sadly don't use them anymore since a) like you said, you need to share the road with cars, and the drivers in New Zealand--especially my part of New Zealand--are _terrible_ (there's a downside to New Zealander's often laid-back attitude to everything); and b) the motorists blame _us_ for everything, saying we're a constant hazard to _them._

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Near me, there's a place that specialises in adapting bikes for the non-able-bodied. Trikes, recumbent, handcycles. Side-by-side models for use by folk with balance issues. Some people find it easier to cycle than walk because it's lesser impact on their bones. Every Sunday they're out around the cycle path in a slow, joyous convoy.
Peoples' ability to cycle can't be generalized about, they claim they've never failed to get someone on a bike of some sort.

@priryo @dankwraith I want a recumbent powered by legs and/or arms simultaneously.

@priryo @dankwraith Although TBH I'd also add an electric motor because I'm slightly lazier than I used to be ...

@dankwraith Yes. In Copenhagen you're a bit silly if you try to get around by car. More or less.

Bikes or public transport is the effective way to do it.

@dankwraith Bikes have one big problem on my opinion: they are not weather-resistant like cars are.

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