if you honestly think islamic culture contributed nothing to civilization you need to read about how algebra was developed and learn some god damned respect

the term algebra is borrowed from the Arabic al-jabr, "the reunion of broken parts", which refers to the process of algebraic problem solving by breaking line segments into parts and reassembling them, an expansion upon mathematical techniques learned from Greek geometers

@dankwraith My hobby: telling islamophobes what an arabic numeral is

I kinda wonder how many Mastodon users need to hear this. I'd say you're preachin' to the choir but I might get (justly) arrested by the Metaphor Police 😀

@dankwraith dont forget that they popularized the concept of zero as a number, which practically all of economics and computer science as we know it hinges on

@amy yes the usage of zero was invented in India and borrowed by Islamic mathematicians, it was crucial to the development of algebra

@dankwraith Or we could tell all religions to fuck off because their main purpose is to trick people into submission.
@dankwraith There's follower only post if you don't want people to interact. Thanks for being rude.

@dankwraith Or Spectroscopy, Astronomy, Medicine (yes you can lance a Fucking boil), the rest of Maths, and Achitecutre.

Shame about Al Ghazali.

@dankwraith @bgcarlisle hell, astronomy...Aldebaran? Rigel? Deneb? Medicine, chemistry...

@dankwraith also in Europe when Christianity was burning all of the books that came before it Islam preserved many of them in it's libraries and that's the only reason we have them today

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Solarpunk Muhammad wrote that "the ink of a scholar is worth the blood of a thousand martyrs"

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Solarpunk @dankwraith There wasn't actually significant amount of burning or willful destruction of texts during the dark ages, it was mostly just poor preservation

@dankwraith ya know an argument can be made that Adam Smith's wealth of nations was biased on older Persian economics. some phases in said text are nearly one to one with stuff by 12th c. Islamic economics

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