friendly reminder that the things you say on here arent really private even in DMs

@dankwraith Single still isnt really private is is uses peoples phone numbers would be a better recommendation for privacy

@dankwraith I'd say as a rule assume this with any and all digital communication and most analog

@dankwraith I mean schools are prisons, they're COs at best. Cops to the Bone.

@dankwraith The potential audience (assuming no hacking) for a DM between two users on the same instance is any mentioned user and the admins and moderators of that instance, is that correct?

Honest question, figured based on your post you might have an answer.

@emsenn that is technically correct but the messages are unencrypted so anyone who obtains database access at present or in the future could read DMs

@dankwraith Thanks - so it might be better to say, anyone who is tagged or who has access to the database for any instance of someone tagged?

@dankwraith Thanks! (I often get asked about how private DMs are here, by folk who are considering joining. After laughing at them because they're moving from FB or similar, I want to give them a thorough (but short) answer.)

@dankwraith DMs are "Direct" rather than "private" is the way i think of it. It's putting a letter in an envelope rather than on a bulletin board, but it doesn't actually protect it in anyway

Cops reading my toots is my main justification for making so many horrible toots.

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