@Cyborgneticz @dankwraith subway pigeons are the single coolest feature of every major city. I always imagine they live down there! who knows, maybe they're building a community there, breeding, nurturing, saving the little ones from trains, spending their days hunting for crumbs dropped by inattentive commuters!

@anarchiv @dankwraith I'm convinced they'll Hitchcock us and Hatofu Boyfriend will be real life. Don't trust em.

@Cyborgneticz @dankwraith oh come on, pigeons are good and pure. seagulls, however... those fuckers are just evil to the bone. they're the creatures god himself doesn't love.

@anarchiv OK, fair point. Seagulls are loud too, but do they have any other bad features? @Cyborgneticz @dankwraith

@lilletale except for attacking people at random, being the effective stukas of the animal kingdom, and being an asshole to every other lifeform? @Cyborgneticz @dankwraith

@anarchiv @lilletale @dankwraith oooooooo.
I bike past a lot of sea birds, and holy shit they are mean as snakes who just got stepped on

@Cyborgneticz I think it's part of growing up in that harsh environment to become... really insufferable... as a means of... wait a minute, I think I'm having a valuable insight here
@lilletale @dankwraith

@anarchiv @lilletale @dankwraith we may be insufferable but at least we have style, unlike sea birds

@anarchiv @dankwraith You say pure I say ready to attack at any moment in crowded subway tunnels. Seagulls are terrifying, but pelicans...they'll swallow you up

@Cyborgneticz @dankwraith okay yeah, pelicans are just downright creep. Pelican, however, are a good band and I will not tolerate any slander against them.

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