if you want to see how much the ideology of liberalism has poisoned software development just post about a license that forbids privately owned enterprises from using the software and watch people crawl in your menchies to cry about how "entrepreneurs" wont be able to use it

you can go back to wanking off stallman for the next 30 years i'll be over here trying to make something different happen

@dankwraith these are the same people who shame you for using ad-blockers lol

@applebaps @dankwraith that awful swiftonsecurity is huge on shaming people for using adblockers but professionally they install it on all client computers lol

@dankwraith TIL 'menchies' and I could not be happier about this newly acquired word knowledge

@dankwraith “But what good is your commons to me if I cannot enclose it for private profit?” asked the capitalist.


@dankwraith in case it wasn't clear, I work full time on free software and have no particular love for enterprise users, and even hate for many of them

I'm the maintainer of a GPL'ed project uses by a lot if companies. Guess how much funding I get.

@dankwraith the best part about this license is that while it's a bummer to be unable to incorporate GPL'd components, you get to take MIT-licensed stuff written by pro-corporate anti-FSF fanboys and there's nothing they can do about it

I don't get it but. But I don't get a lot of this kind of thing. I don't like to pay for software but also want to use it, anonymously if possible.

It would be consequentially liberal to acinowledge that if the creator can restrict the use of software to those who pay for it, they should also be allowed to restrict it to companies who would make money from it.
One of the instances where it shows that neoliberals aren't actually that liberal. Their ideology is "you must get rich by any means", and if someone behaves like they don't, it's a violation of their worldview.

@Mr_Teatime its even more strange than that, since the license i mentioned doesnt completely forbid private commercial use, it only forbids private commercial use without an explicit agreement between the licenser/licensee. so really their ideology is that the commons is only valuable as far as it is profitable to the bourgeoisie, and it doesnt matter if the original creator of the work never benefits. its absolutely psychopathic

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