if you want to understand california politics all you need to know is that everyone bought a house for four dollars in the 70s or 80s and its now worth 2 million and are trying as hard as they fucking can to keep it that way

when i think about how many people are living on the street or paying more than half their paycheck for rent so that john q. fuckheads house value can grow 8% per year it just makes me want to lie down and never get up

liberal ideology: when the market does its magic, everyone will get the lowest price for everything due to supply and demand

what actually happens: hmm if we just stop building affordable housing, the money numbers go up. lets do that

@dankwraith eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy was jus tthinking baou thow i was homeless in cali and how my relatives were really fucking shit to me about it

(not everyone can just have their relatives fucking give them a house, and thats why they were fuck to me)

homelessness, homeless ppl, poverty reduction Show more

@dankwraith the free market is a religion, not a rational idea

@dankwraith you can have affordable housing, our profitable housing, but not both

@dankwraith same except instead of lying down I want to start setting fires

@dankwraith having lived here MOST of my life, this is 100% accurate.

The IPOs that are all going public in the next 1-3 months are going to ruin NorCal even moreso. I hope they all go bankrupt.

@ItsJenNotGabby its cool that norcal used to be an affordable and beautiful place to live with a thriving arts culture and now its just neoliberal hell

@dankwraith Homelessness is very much a problem with the definition of property, & its usefulness as a legal construct for addressing the negotiation of access to space that ppl carry out in practice, in contrast to the govt's assertions of who has right to access to a space.

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