there is honestly no excuse for a game not supporting linux natively in 2019 unless you like wrote the entire engine yourself in which case why the fuck did you do that in windows

literally every major engine has a "press button to linux" feature now so idk wtf yall are doin

@dankwraith like I can make a Linux build but cant guarantee that it'll run on a wide variety of hardware profiles in a performant way. Unity especially, since I don't have access to it's source code.

@dankwraith if anything I'd make a Linux version but bundle it with Mac/Win releases because it's a lot to support

@hellojed linux only is a terrible idea just for marketing reasons but theres really no reason to not slap out a linux build these days

@dankwraith i feel like with a lot of smaller games i'd be content with "hey this build might catch fire and it's not tested properly but it's an actual linux build" ;v;

Support. Support, support, support.
I don't know Linux well enough to fix it when the game breaks.

@Freyaday honestly knowing the linux community they'd probably fix it themselves

@dankwraith And rip me to shreds while they're doing it, too.
If it makes you feel any better, I'm at least trying to quarantine the OS-specific stuff in hopes of one day being able to do multiplat.

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