UBI without rent control / massive subsidized housing programs should be called Universal Landlord Income

hmm everyone is getting a thousand dollars a month no strings attached from the government, wonder what my landlord is gonna do

if anything this should make it crystal clear to you why people that benefit by directly holding you hostage to your basic needs cannot be trusted

@dankwraith This, but OTOH even shitty UBI would still be better than what's currently in place for a lot of people (especially in countries with fucked up 'tests' for what you can get and for how long, like where I live)

Not sure how easy it'd be to change shitty UBI into 'give the basic means of survival directly to people' though.

@dankwraith keep getting a thousand dollars a month no strings attached, while also collecting UBI?

@dankwraith there's a reason I'm more a fan of job guarantee as the short term solution to lack of worker power, but honestly we should just decommodify housing entirely regardless of any other changes

FFS it's one of THE classic fictitious commodities.


tired: making people work to justify their right to exist

wired: just giving people money

inspired: just giving people the things they need and want

@prophet_goddess UBI is the ultimate liberal bullshit because its just a brainhack for them around political entities just directly making shit that people need instead of constructing an elaborate rube goldberg machine to make sure private enterprise can skim the cream off the top of production

@zatnosk yeah thats the thing UBI works great in a situation where a class of people arent directly on the take from essential human needs, which is the exact opposite of what we have

@dankwraith yeah, it sucks. Y'all really should get some systemic change implemented, so you can get on "the slippery slope to socialism".

But that's easy for me to say, with my privileged scandinavian ass.

Most I can do right now is proclaim that housing coops is a good system, and unions are the best way I know to socialism - at least if you're going for anything resembling the scandiavian model.

@dankwraith the more I think through my response, the more I realize that I need to blog about this. My short answer is that basic human needs is something every human should be enabled to easily provide for themselves. A move in the correct direction are #earthships IMO, but many valid approaches exist. That means no dependency on the government via UBI; desirable food, shelter, energy, property, etc. are things everyone should have as an inalienable right.

@dankwraith why it should be funded out of land taxation which should replace other taxes on labour

@dankwraith In the UK, "housing benefit" should mostly be called "landlord benefit".

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