if you reply to my posts about taking care of human need with horseshit about overpopulation youre catching that block


i dont know about you but white people talking about how there are too many humans gives me the heebie jeebies

@dankwraith unpleasant echoes of racists talking about how enormously many Chinese/Indian/"African" people there are

@dankwraith like there are valid concerns about human population growth and how/if it can be sustained and many ethical questions about whether having children is a thing one should do

but there are a whole bunch of extremely unpleasant angles on the subject from racist to classist to god even knows

also it kind of just generally feels... uncomfortable in terms of the implication that Something Should Be Done

@theoutrider @dankwraith It especially creeps me out combined with the fact that they always neglect to mention that each person in wealthy countries consumes ~70x the resources of the average person in African and Southeast Asian countries. Unless people in Nepal are having 70 kids each, we know who's doing the over-consumption...

@activationfxn @theoutrider @dankwraith yes, if you really want to depopulate the world to reduce resource stress start by killing the biggest drains on resources – namely, the richest people first

@theoutrider @dankwraith like the thing is, the best non-genocidal means of curtailing population growth are giving people education healthcare and autonomy

but the necessity of severe population containment is so the seat of empire cna maintain its excesses

Ecofascisim is 100% going to be a thing somewhere in the next 15 years. Calling it now.

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"we cant possibly produce enough food for everyone!" mate have you *seen* how much perfectly good food we throw out because "guh this went out of date yesterday"

@norikawa @dankwraith we already produce enough food for 10 billion of the 7 billion people actually alive, meaning globally we're throwing away about 30% of our food while 30+ million people die per year due to capitalist inefficiency.

The capitalist system stares at starvation and says that it is better those people die than any alternative.

@norikawa @dankwraith I think I failed to emphasize properly: we produce enough food for 10 billion when we only have the demand for 7 billion, so we are very likely able to ramp that production up to much, much higher if we actually neded to.

@_ampersand @norikawa @dankwraith the problem that I see is we grow food to sell, not to feed. if the goal was full bellies instead of rich CEOs, things would be a lot different

@interneteh @norikawa @dankwraith we'd likely grow less food if the food system was built around need and use value. Grow more healthy food (e.g. reduce the corn/wheat slightly for more vegetables), or some of that land for other purposes (e.g. parks, or carbon sequestering forests, or just wilderness). We are just so fucking bad at distribution.

@norikawa @dankwraith the amount that gets thrown out bc it's not pretty enough is extremely wild also; there's people who spend parts of their days just sorting out fruit and veg into categories of like, "can be sold in a supermarket vs should either be pureed or thrown out or something bc it's ugly"

Pureed, candied or any other form of long term food preservation is fine and should be encouraged. What's gross is that even damaged produces aren't even used for that.
@norikawa @dankwraith

@danishcookies @norikawa @dankwraith oh yeah i'm not anti-preservation by any means, it's good to use fruit as ingredients and it's def better than throwing it away

but just deciding "hmm no this is too ugly to be seen" is a super weird approach to a planet
that's what i meant

you're right in that stuff just being thrown away is way way worse

Funny trope in movies is that they make POC say that to white protagonists to make it less white.

@dankwraith bit of a phobia, an irrational fear based on literally the entire history of the empire and every instant this idea has ever been advanced

@dankwraith white people who talk about there being too many humans or not enough of certain kinds of humans both creep me out.

@dankwraith if they were serious about it, the correct conclusion would be to get rid of the racists and imperialists, meaning themselves. So they're obviously not.

@dankwraith absolutely. I block people the minute they say this, after I first tell them it's about Women's Rights and the consumption/capitalism of the Global North that's the problem. They'll probably ignore it, but I feel I like to hassle them before I block.


When I hear this I just go

"Okay, well let's do something about it. Let's provide full well-funded education to everyone including all women. Provide good comprehensive sex ed., provide free no-questions asked birth control, allow abortions, advanced elder care options, and have Women have full access to all careers."

Other person: "umm, durrr, muh taxes"

Because that is what would actually help lower population in a humane and not-fucked up way.

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