so uhhh did anyone else notice that dwarf fortress is getting a big steam re-release primarily because the creators need to pay medical bills? fuck america tbh

it is truly wild to see how much our broken medical system reaches its tendrils into absolutely every realm of life

*neolib voice* but if people didn't have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for routine medical procedures there wouldn't be any innovation

@dankwraith Wow, I did NOT actually. I'm going to grab a copy immediately seeing as how I've had hours of fun with it over the years and I'm happy to help them out.

@dankwraith I'm a dummy, they aren't selling just yet. Can you hook me up with a link with what you saw? I'm trying to find info about the health problems on the message boards but the threads are tooo yuuuuge.

@dankwraith at least they're free though! They can do whatever they want with their money, they're just choosing to spend it on medical bills!!


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