@larrydavis @nuttgodd i literally dont understand how you can come to this conclusion, in souls you just learn roll timings, in this you have to be prepared for rock paper counter decisions as well as attack and deflect timings, like am i just bad at video games how the fuck are people saying this is too easy

@pyredrid theres some parts that are definitely gated by bosses but you could probably avoid everything except bosses if you really wanted to

@larrydavis i think the xbox version is just terrible because it looks fucking fantastic over here

this gsme is basically tenchu x metal gear rising and i am 100% here for it

there are so many moments in sekiro where the game will just straight up tell you how to beat a boss if you look around. it fucking rules

souls was hard because it teaches you how the game works by kicking your ass

sekiro is hard because it tells you up front how it works, and then sets a high execution barrier. very different kind of difficulty

sekiro is funny because its actually hard in the way souls was marketed to be hard, and souls wasnt

@Aleums yeah ive been trying to read him as a logician and maybe i need to just let the mysticism flow

@Aleums ive tried reading spinoza so many times and i just cannot follow him. william james said he could only understand heidegger when he took laughing gas and i wonder if it might be a similar dealio

ate a lot of mushrooms today. the food kind, not the kind that make you look up into the night sky and ponder the lines of action and reaction binding everything in the universe together in a great chain of existence and make you wonder if God had all this in mind when he created the universe or if it was the kind of thing that could only be understood in motion, as if the universe was a giant mirror reflecting creativity back at its creator, an experience that i have never had

i make dinner for my cat but my cat never makes dinner for me, this doesnt feel fair at all

hmm weird my strategy of "sit here doing nothing" isnt making time stop or my problems go away

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