getting an unasked for opinion in the menchies is like thrice as jarring on here

The Adventure of the Attractive Young Person’s Substitute Corpse

i may be a fool but i am also very ambitious, a combination of traits that has never ever ended in disaster

"Some people call me the space cowboy" wow strawman much?

me, at my hot take oral exam: [visibly shaking as I neaten my pile of notes] *ahem* Films Are Bad
my panel: [in unison] This Ain't It Queen
[I am thrown by the shockwave out of the exam room and into a rolling piecart]

when your hands touch a piece of wet bread someone left in the sink

How would centaurs get enough oxygen? Like if they tried to run would they just faint because they couldn't get enough air? Do they have horse lungs in addition to human lungs? Because their horse lungs would be a very long way from their noses and mouths

fuck of to hell it's the Cool S's dreams come true

Gender Reveal implies the existence of Gender Stealth

alright fuck work and fuck my brain there is a sunset goin on

pet peeve: people saying something is "proven mathematically" when it has not been proven mathematically.

Condom Hearts: Birth Control By Sleep

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The Lamp Institute

The Lamp Institute is an educational institution for those who have felt the drawn of its warm, soft light. The lamp is good. All hail the Lamp.

"I'm gay!"