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i tried to trim her claws last night and got a real good look at them for the first time and yo what the fuck those things really retract completely into the paw, that is wild

cant remember the last time i saw an internet ad. probably the last time i opened the youtube app on my phone

she doesn't let me sleep in past 9. which honestly has been good for my life

im a little over a month into having a cat, this is pretty great

Marie Kondo, pile-driving me through my cluttered table, breaking a gamer chair across my back "YOUR LIFE IS A FUCKING MESS! FUCK YOU!"

been getting really into steve hauschildt again and i checked bandcamp and hes playing a show like 15 minutes from my house in a week and half????? fuck yeah

theyre doing so many great games tomorrow too, exciting

i'm not totally embarrassed by the code quality any more which is a sign of a good refactor

imagine using a debugger on an interpreted language lmao

this post made by print statements krew

just a small refactor. no big deal. just a cheeky lil refactor. just a quick refa

sorry boss the game is delayed because i was too busy respecting

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The Lamp Institute

The Lamp Institute is an educational institution for those who have felt the drawn of its warm, soft light. The lamp is good. All hail the Lamp.

"I'm gay!"