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unity: why fix fundamentally broken things with our engine when we could let our users do it and take a cut of the fix?

unity: we make it easy to make games right out of the box, no fiddling around!

also unity: yeah our input system is completely broken, youre gonna have to pay 30 bucks or more for an asset store plugin lol

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well, at least the unity editor linux client is pretty nice now... sigh...

you: hi-

you know when you kinda borrow something without asking but then you fuck it up so you can't give it back?? thats what eric clapton did with the blues

richard stallman is a silly man but he was absolutely fucking right in a few ways

the year is 2040. it costs me 800 dollars a month to use my computer for work because every productivity program is subscription based

basically what im saying is if someone made an open source cross platform game engine with a visual editor i would give them my firstborn

im working with an artist who wants to be able to visually edit things - valid! - on this project so the options are basically
1) unity, which is closed source and selling out to investors next year and god only knows how possible it would be to do long term support without paying rent

2) godot, which doesnt really have a mechanism for porting to consoles

3) something like HEAPS or monogame which have amazing cross platform support but dont have a visual editor, so i'd have to write one myself, which takes away from game prototyping time

this is... not ideal

if monogame had a visual editor and a better asset pipeline it would basically be perfect

you have $10 to build the perfect game engine

$20 uses a good scripting language
$50 open source
$100 portable to all major platforms
$5 closed source and charges you rent for using it

aw man LOVE jam is this weekend but my friend is coming in from out of town so i think it would be rude to make a game all weekend. i guess a game jam is probably a bad idea for me in general

lol vapor fm has robot voice bumps that my friend generated that just inserts random celebrities so it says shit like "this is cher and you are listening to vapor fm" and i forgot he put donald trump in there because it was funny and we made it before he started running for president we are in hell lol

lol unity is going public next year we are so screwed

have startups started referring to electricity as "the internet of energy" yet

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