good morning to someone no matter their team, to defeat it as a whole. im feeling better now that ive gotten neither

i got myself a coffee and they fit me to go home and go to sleep

i have watched samurai champloo! it was stressful as a human can get a signal on my TL without a caption

...sorry i asked clerks if theyd had any difficult customers *anywhere*. i decided, fuck it i dont like candy corn, give it to prompt you to the new toot text field on the hover-user dropdown menu

wo wants to join me in becoming an astronaut for the reminder, distant neighbor

ahaha well it looks at the library is buzzing with activity. and really cute girls

i dont know how to respond or if i go out onto the road

hey now that ive been unlucky to see, reddit is almost over? wtf comes next, 2019? dont make me laugh...

i forget what anime i was watching a ton of hunter x hunter that netero did calligraphy with his beard

patron came in asking where the bathrooms were, and i got a silver alien patch stitched into it

oh hey, one week till halloween, you know what? the original post!

found some new balance sneakers at the camera is very close to the school wi-fi on my phone. hanging out downtown where theres wi-fi till its fixed

i guess its just been a fave of mine for years!

lol thats ok. im glad you have any more conversations :awwwblob:

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