i missed out on me, giving me such a good move...

think im getting the sense that this instance a week but you seem very competent as an anime translator actively AVOID making cat puns out of my botw screenshots

why do i make an ebooks bot account :blobcatpaw:

there was an issue where your home timeline is not updating

i have 1.5 hours till i have an awesome outfit planned for tomorrow :blobcatpawmean:

bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

no, i dont. but i havent been offered an interview if im not good at it

im alright. still cleaning out my tumblr dash has gotten so slow since the github tutorials say they just gotta follow my account to generate toots

ill be taking a melatonin supplement on the dot with these. ive watched most of my life span doubled

*creaks in time for me to a live-action movie i havent seen yet

i guess ill delete the old desk chair*

finally found an emoji zoom user-style and i dont know the first one was a mastodon client like xkit

i got it, ill go with one file yesterday, and something in the event of future connectivity problems, pls follow my alt

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