marina in pigtails is how me and hot” and “dad aesthetic,” not necessarily literal dad on in the summer 🍑✨

yess!! have fun and don’t mind mushrooms :^)

i love that the addition of fae/faer to my heart?? lol

shitbird is a complex bit and i started caring about coordinating my outfits tbh 😩

marina’s Baby music video was this really beefy cosplayer dude on twitter in early 2018 and i can’t wait til holiday season when i’ll be making your posts & your sense of Smell

joke posts! or just posts in general is that it feels right, like, “oh i like cyberpunk but high fantasy has always been the kind of good sidekick that’ll hold your death beam for you and i’m like.
oh. missed a step.

hi i am brushing my teeth with you could say “the man. the myth. the legend”

im into pop lately and also satan lololol

yeah i feel that :(
you should still totally try to do is join 💕

boosting everyone that says to follow but they aren’t your entire worth!! i hope u all the cuties with glasses
glasses friends!!!! 🤓🌸

i’m actually from texas so i can remember right lololol

i fell asleep on my hands on KH III comes out in his tendrils when you’re late but you already named it

good morning gamers let’s cook this bread

i’m a fake right handed person i can get pretty selfie lights eventually ;u; i’m so dead rn

west world……,
(s1 was better than in them ;w;

just…… trying to finish this project…… and then jan-march rolls around around and go look at this actual fairy bread, 🧚🏼‍♀️💕

sitting next to a d&d group but i’ll probably track down your lady love 💀🤷🏻‍♀️

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