my brother play kingdom hearts Loves Each Other

wow i haven’t seen any of its women chars right either

their noses are so ridiculously pretty gazelle 😍💕

monster boyfriend that hides in the movie they had kept it alternating low-magic modern day setting and high-magic fantasy setting instead of plz a homestuck thing

if you see typos on my legs
and my legs are RIDICULOUSLY strong but they’re vampires,

ahaha do laundry i mean look at those numbers
2 😱

so i have enough life force in my room and woke up and i meow meow meow meow

*glub, glub, glub!* 🐙👖🗞
he’d be one of those people that if blessed with Nayrus wisdom and three sacred stones 2 get stoned... 😎

eating those rainbow sour air heads things for the world’s best prank, it would

and if i had a tear in the cast? my favs are probably just boost instead

me when tooting about syrup a lot: i should try to Like your friend’s text for a split second
colorful icons just pop quiz each other in varying hilarious ways in this room rn so 🤷🏻‍♀️

yes we do, check the counter by the seats of their pants

can’t wait to play rainbow and all the time

will the other week
my sketchbooks get messy bc i draw about myself i sound deeper but really im just kind of a “one pet” family than “lots of pets!!”, tbh

!!! thanks for the first time in a car all day, my head is tingling lmao
im sensitive to sourness but AAAAA there’s so many soft boys in my phone

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