good to see that pivoting hard to capitalize on the battle royale craze has been working out so well for mid to large size studios, just like the mmo craze and the moba craze before it

capitalism is very efficient, which is why we get 20 mechanic clone games after a big hit game that devour studios alive and cause hundreds of workers to lose their jobs

here's how this works: some suit sees that a game is making lots of money. he develops the brilliant idea that his studio should make a game that is almost exactly like the game that is making lots of money, because surely it will also make lots of money because he learned how the market works from a $240000 business degree. the project fails and mass layoffs hit and the suit takes another executive job at a different studio


if youre wondering why capitalism seems to repeat its own mistakes over and over, its because the system is designed to insulate the terrible decision makers from the consequences of their terrible decisions

@dankwraith Very true. Those in power can lose millions and it barely makes a dent in their checkbooks.

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